1/3 of Instagram Users Have Purchased Directly From an Ad, New Study Finds

A new study by technology startup VidMob conducted reveals a common practice among Instagram users: purchasing directly from an advertisement they see on the platform.

Additionally, the study found that 60% of Instagram users have followed an account on Instagram after seeing a visually appealing ad either in their feed or through Stories. When it comes to purchasing habits, a whopping 1/3 of Instagram users revealed that they have purchased something directly from an advertisement on the platform. Gen Z users ranked highest in tendency to make a purchase through an ad, while women aged 35-45 were found to be the least likely to make purchases via that method.

When it comes to shopping using a smartphone, it was revealed in the study that men are 10% more likely to buy through the app compared to their female counterparts. Also, 81% of women and 75% of men stated that they had made a purchase from an unfamiliar brand on the platform.

So what do all of these findings mean for business? The study definitely reveals that Instagram’s shoppable ads are a hot source of sales for business owners on the platform. Instagram has already been named as a platform for product discovery–particularly in the fashion and makeup categories for women, and technology products for men. 4 out of 10 people who see a product they like on Instagram will do additional research in the app itself.

All of these findings further corroborate the increasing trend of users making a purchase through social media. In 2018 alone, the percentage grew from 29% to 34%. While that growth itself is notable, experts predict social selling will continue to be a facet of social media that will continue to grow.

How do you utilize Instagram’s social selling options? Let us know in the comments!


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