10 New Features in 2016 That Prove Facebook Wants To Be Your Everything!

Can you imagine your life if you didn’t use Yelp, Google, Uber or Amazon? Well, Facebook wants this to become a reality! In 2016, Facebook plans to borrow the best features from other popular services in order to become your one-stop-shop for all of your needs!

Here’s how Facebook wants to become more like your favorite services:

  1. Periscope: Through Facebook Live Videos, users can stream videos live from their phones and broadcast it directly to their Facebook followers.
  2. Yelp: Facebook is creating a more “Yelp-like” experience through their recommendation engine where users can search for places and see reviews from their friends.
  3. Slack: Currently in the beta test phase, Facebook at Work could be your new go-to for team communication at work through the use of a closed Facebook ecosystem.
  4. Google: Facebook rolled out an improved search function, which allows users to search public posts and posts from friends more easily.
  5. Lyft and Uber: Uber and Lyft are now integrated within the Facebook Messenger platform, allowing users to order rides directly through Facebook.
  6. Amazon: In an effort to expand e-commerce options, Facebook has rolled out the shopping tab to a small number of users where they can use the platform to make purchases.
  7. Snapchat: A feature designed to mimic Snapchat, Instant Articles lets publishers distribute content that users can view or interact with directly within the Facebook app.
  8. Evite: While Facebook Events have been around for quite some time, drastic improvements have been made. Users can browse invitations, see upcoming events, bookmark the standouts, and view events they’ve hosted or attended.
  9. Razoo: With the Facebook “donate” button, nonprofits may be able to fundraise more effectively through Facebook than with other crowdfunding sites.
  10. Spotify: Users can currently preview music snippets from Spotify, Apple Music, NPR and other sources on Facebook. Now, there’s speculation that Facebook may be interested in developing their own music streaming service.

Multibrain’s Takeaway: Anticipate these features that will soon be added to Facebook and plan how to incorporate them into your marketing mix now before they roll out. Some ways that you can incorporate these features to market your business include: encouraging friends to review your business on Facebook, seeking opportunities to video stream live to potential customers, as well as utilizing the Facebook Events platform more to connect with prospects.


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