Most Important Thing That A Business Owner and Fashion Model Have in Common

Did you know that as a small business owner,  you have a lot more in common with a high-end fashion model than you think? Don’t believe me? Let me explain.

Models play a direct role in how a brand is perceived. It is in the way that they walk, look, pose, and carry themselves. Ultimately, they have a direct influence over a consumer’s attitude towards a brand and his or her purchasing decisions.

Now, here’s your scenario. You’re a small business owner and you have a Facebook Business Page, Instagram, and Twitter Page to market your business.  Where is the commonality? You, too, play a huge role in consumers’ attitudes and purchasing decisions.

It is estimated that 74% of consumers rely on social media to make purchasing decisions.  I can’t stress the importance of social media in building brand awareness, building relationships with prospects, and reaching new people that could potentially buy your product enough.

So, what are the keys to feeding social media followers’ insatiable appetite for your brand’s content? One key is consistency. Regular posting increases the number of people who will be exposed to your page and it increases the likelihood that you’ll create engagement — a like, a share or a comment — that you can turn into a solid business lead down the line.

If you’re wondering how often and when to post on your Social Media Pages, the answer is that you should strike a balance between being informative, yet not overwhelming your audience. One thing to also consider is the shelf life of your message. A post on Facebook will have a much longer shelf life than a post on Twitter. For Facebook, it is best practice to post anywhere between 2-3 times a day per post! For Twitter, try tweeting something 3-4 times a day! 
My recommendation is to focus on the quality of your posts, instead of quantity. No matter how many times you post, always make sure that your posts are engaging to your audience.

When it comes to when to post to your Facebook Business Page, it trickles down to when your audience will be most active online. You can check online behavior of your audience under the settings of your Facebook Business Page and craft your schedule based on their activity!

Like all good business habits. it just takes a little commitment and discipline on your part.   Over time, the rewards can be impressive.





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