15-Second or 60-Second Videos For Instagram??! The Choice is Yours

Have you ever created a video on Instagram, hoping, wishing, and dreaming that you could make one that lasts longer than just 15 measly seconds?! Well, you’re not alone! Instagram just announced today that they will be rolling out a feature which allows you to create a video of up to 60 seconds for the […]

Updated Version of the Smaller-Screen iPhone Emphasizes Product-Driven Approach to Sales

What’s the DNA of your company, and how do you pitch it to your customers? Are you product-driven, or business (customer)-driven? And why is that important? Business Insider reports this week that Apple—the consummate product-driven company—is expected to announce a new iPhone with a smaller screen, running counter to its large-screen predecessors. Analytics have shown […]

Major Updates from Pinterest Means Game Changer for Small Businesses

Yesterday, Pinterest released a new set of advertising management tools for small businesses that were only made available previously to Partners. The ad manager includes: bulk-editing features, ad purchase by credit card, and the ability to monitor and track the success of an ad campaign more closely. In addition to releasing the ad manager, Pinterest […]