How Direct Selling Has Evolved

How many of you remember the days when you would casually glance out your window and see a salesman or two slowly closing the distance to your doorstep as he strode confidently from house to house? Did you experience a twinge of excitement and curiosity as you wondered what wares might be offered for sale? […]

Learning to Soft Sell on Social Media

Most marketers are aware that social media is a necessity when it comes to reaching their target audience. But it takes a certain approach to be successful with this tool. If your social media posts have the same voice as your direct emails, you’re doing it wrong. Here’s how to get out of the hard […]

Do You Know These Latest Changes for Business Pages on Facebook?

Facebook has rolled out a number of changes for managing Facebook Business Pages. How many of these updates have you noticed? Check out the latest updates below! You must access your Facebook Business Page on the left side of your personal Newsfeed under “Pages” (Green) , no longer from the upper right corner (red). Once […]