How to Customize Content for Each Social Media Channel

While traditional digital marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC or email marketing can still be highly effective, adding social media marketing to the mix can give you a great competitive edge. Utilizing social media not only serves to improve your online visibility, but also increases brand recognition and customer loyalty through positive engagement with the […]

How to Grow Your Following and Gain New Leads on Your Facebook Business Page

If you’re looking for effective ways to promote your products, social media should be part of your marketing strategy. Facebook, in particular, should be one way you reach out to new customers. However, you first need to build up the number of people who follow your Facebook business page. Here’s how to get started growing […]

Offline vs. Online Promotions: The Guide to Holistic Marketing

Are you going to go online this afternoon or do some real work? That’s really how some business owners approach their digital marketing and social media promotions. No one can achieve spectacular success by starting from that head space. When you treat your social network like a chat room or your website like a glorified […]