Learn about Instagram’s Newest Feature

Have you ever been in a complete state of euphoria because you are in the perfect place in the right time with the only person that you could imagine sharing that moment with? What did you do to capture that feeling or memory?  Most likely, if you live in the 21st century, you grabbed your […]

What Do You Think About Facebook’s Latest Announcement?

Imagine this. You’re sitting in a library (yes they still exist!). It’s so silent that you can hear a pen drop! You barely want to even turn the page of a book too loudly (these exist too). Your eyes are tired. You’re exhausted. You need a break. Why not pick up your handy dandy phone […]

Have You Added a Call-to-Action Button to Your Facebook Business Page?

A Call-to-Action is a great way to attract and drive visitors to take a desired action on your Facebook Business Page. This button appears near the top of your page and is very easy to locate. There are so many options when creating a call-to-action button that it may seem overwhelming to the average user. Some of […]

Why Your FB Ads Get Rejected: The Do’s and Don’ts When Boosting

We’ve all been there. You’re so excited to Boost a Post and advertise through Facebook. Suddenly, you get a notification… but you can’t believe your eyes. Your ad just got rejected… REJECTED! *gasp*. You have to remember that before ads show up on Facebook or Instagram, they’re reviewed to make sure they meet Facebook’s Advertising Policies. […]