How To Use The New Prospect Center

Have you noticed our newly updated Prospect Center? We’ve made it even easier to see your biggest fans and reach out them. We created two new sections: Respond and Contacts. Respond: We’ve updated your engagement feed and show you the stuff that really matters: See comments and direct messages from all your accounts Respond to […]

10 Social Media Tips You Need To Know Now

Are you looking to get better results with your social media? As a company that works with all of the social platforms daily, we have come to find what tends to work the best. Follow our tips to start getting better results from your social media marketing.   1. Use A Social Media Management Tool Use […]

Dear Multibrain: How Do I Start A Conversation With A New Prospect?

Dear User, We encourage you to start new conversations with your fans because it’s the start of a new relationship. Once you have grown and built relationships with your followers, they will begin to trust your opinion and advice. They could then potentially become your next customer. But how do you even begin? We’ll show […]