3 Video Content Ideas to Get You Started

Video content is the number one converter of sales and it helps to give your brand a personal touch. People are buying YOU, not just the product so make sure to start producing great video content. It should be informative, sincere and fun. If you’re not sure where to start, follow this guide for some […]

11 Ways to Up Your Instagram Game

Instagram is a key social media platform to be using for your business. If you aren’t already taking advantage of its 500 million monthly visitors, then now is the time! Here’s what you should pay attention to when setting up your Instagram. Maybe you’ll find a few tricks here too even if you already use […]

New Crisis Response Facebook Hub

In light of all of the recent natural disasters, Facebook has created a new hub of features called Crisis Response. This feature makes it easier to connect people during a crisis or a natural disaster. It’s a new hub that consists of many different tools in one area, unlike before where they were not centralized. […]

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