The Instagram Content Playbook: Tips for Creating Engaging Content

With all of the many features on Instagram, it’s easier than ever to build those essential connections with your followers. Whether you’re posting an Instagram Story, picture for your Feed, filming an IGTV, or going Live, these tips we’ve collected are sure to help you master content on Instagram.   Build Connections with Your Fans […]

Social Selling: THINKing About Your Strategy

What is social selling? It’s a term we use frequently here at Multibrain, because it’s what we do. Social Selling is taking social media to the next step. It’s taking your posts and images beyond the base level and using them to not only promote your business, but grow it. Social Selling is using creative […]

How to Master Social Media Copy Even If You Don’t Like Writing

We know that promoting your business on social media is essential to boost your discovery, engagement, and ultimately, sales. But making posts isn’t always easy. What do you caption it? How do you write engaging blog posts that are on brand for your business? This is even HARDER to do if you don’t like to […]

How to Boost Engagement on Social Media: 3 Tips

We’ve all been there: just posted something new on social media and there are barely any likes and no comments. It’s disappointing and certainly discouraging. But here are three ways to get out of that slump and have the comments rolling in.      1. Use target hashtags. Hashtags on social media (#something) are a […]