Facebook Rolls Out Page Badges to Increase Engagement

Last year, Facebook introduced a new feature: group badges. These “badges” are little images and descriptions that appear alongside a user’s name within the comments section in groups.   This new feature was intended to increase engagement. For example, if you see that someone is a “conversation starter” within your group, you may be more […]

How Social Media Behavior Impacts Purchasing Behavior

Early last month, The Manifest released a new report investigating the connections between social media interactions users make online and their purchasing habits. The report found interesting results that can shape the way businesses utilize social media to sell their products in a way that isn’t overbearing or obvious. In our post, we’ll cover the […]

Facebook Stories: An Introduction

If you’re new to Facebook as a content creator or you just want to brush up your skills, Facebook Blueprint center and Facebook Business tools have all of the information you could ever need to become a social media pro. Covering the basics to some of the more advanced Facebook features, it will help you […]

Is Instagram Restricting Business Page Reach?

It is no doubt that Instagram is the social media platform of the moment. Reaching one billion active users last year is just one of the many ways in which Instagram has made their dominance in the social world eminent. However, many are becoming concerned that Instagram is taking a similar route to Business Page […]

Facebook Clarifies Group Privacy Settings into 2 Options

Facebook as a platform has taken a strong emphasis on Group usage. With this increased attention, Facebook has also begun simplifying the process of creating a group’s privacy settings to ensure users fully understand their options.   Before this update, Facebook offered three privacy settings for group each with its own level of public visibility: […]

Facebook Announces Removal of Group Chat Feature

After almost a year, Facebook has announced that they will be discontinuing their Group Chat option. Initially designed to promote deeper and more personal discussions between members of Facebook groups, clearly the feature was not meeting Facebook’s standards for success. As of August 22nd, the feature has disappeared as an option. Chats that existed previously […]