Social Media Etiquette 101

Need some tips on how to mind your manners on social media? Or maybe do you need to send this article to a friend or family member who needs some advice on how to behave online? Never fear, the Brains here at Multibrain have curated our top three do’s and don’t’s of the social media […]

1/3 of Instagram Users Have Purchased Directly From an Ad, New Study Finds

A new study by technology startup VidMob conducted reveals a common practice among Instagram users: purchasing directly from an advertisement they see on the platform. Additionally, the study found that 60% of Instagram users have followed an account on Instagram after seeing a visually appealing ad either in their feed or through Stories. When it […]

20 Facts About Facebook That May Surprise You

Facebook, since its creation, has held a crucial role in the development and growth of social media. From its humble beginnings in a student dorm room to its purchase of other social media competitors such as Instagram, Facebook’s dominance in the social media world does not seem to be dwindling. But how much do we […]

Facebook Releases New Portal Devices

A year after Facebook initially launched their Portal devices, Facebook is introducing three new versions of its video calling devices–featuring one device that connects directly to your home TV set.   The TV connected device (pictured in the front of the image below) connects directly to your home TV allowing it to function as a […]

The Budget-Friendly Guide to Creating Engaging Video Content

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… video content gets views. Whether or not the video is short–like a gif, an hour long, or Live, social media is loving video content. Studies have shown that videos get 12x more shares than text and link posts combined. No matter what platform you’re using, you should strive to […]

Facebook Gives a Privacy Update on Location Settings

Facebook is being proactive about location privacy after new updates on both Android and iOS now allow users information on what apps have been collecting location data.     Anticipating new complaints and concerns, Facebook has released a new post explaining why the platform uses location data. The post is intended to provide reasoning for […]

Instagram Testing New Tool, Mirrors TikTok

Every social media platform has, at one point or another, replicated a feature from their competitors. Now on the hot seat is Instagram, who is reportedly testing a new feature that is eerily similar to the viral app TikTok.   Recently, reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong discovered that Instagram is attempting to replicate a feature […]