Social Media Do’s & Don’ts for 2020

Social media as an entity can be complicated to understand, with all of the different platforms, lingo, and “rules.” It can be hard to remember what is normal on one platform might be alien to another. To break down the basics for you, we’ve compiled 6 Do’s and Don’ts for social media that you should […]

Don’t Forget Your Manners on Social Media

Sure, it can be hard to remember when you sit down in front of your computer screen that there are other, real people on the other side. Sometimes, we get so excited we hit send before we truly think about what we are putting into the world. But having good etiquette is something that will […]

How to Promote a Successful Virtual Party

Do you host parties on social media? Are online events your main marketing technique, or do you want them to be? If you answered yes, this post will be your 101 guide to promoting a virtual party that results in, hopefully, more online sales.   Everyone loves a good party. Online or real-life, everyone loves […]

How to Use Instagram to Boost Authentic Leads

When you think of high engagement, genuine connections or interactions, Instagram may not be the first platform that jumps to your mind. However, many social media strategists are discovering the best tips and tricks for using Instagram as a platform to build lasting connections with users (and possible consumers!). The reason Instagram is good for […]

The Top 10 Instagram Stats You Need to Know for 2020

Welcome to a new decade! In 2019 Instagram continued to rise as a popular–if not becoming the most popular platform–through new features like Stories additions, business page features, IGTV and more. However, as we enter the new year, brands are still looking at how they can maximize their marketing on Instagram while also capitalizing on new opportunities. If […]