Copy to Make Your Content Stand Out on Twitter

Need a way to make your Twitter profile more engaged and active? This week, Twitter has introduced a new feature on its company page that aims to help users determine what copy they should be using in their Tweets. The series is appropriately named, “Good Copy, Bad Copy.” The clip from Twitter is available here, […]

The Run Down: Instagram’s 2 Newest Follower Features

Instagram has introduced two new options to your “Followers” tab on your profile. We’re going to break down what exactly these features are and how you should use them. From Instagram’s Twitter Account   The first option shows you which followers you engage with the least, and should probably consider unfollowing. This new option is […]

What is the New “Off-Facebook” Feature & What Does it Mean for Me?

Recently, Facebook has been the center of controversy surrounding social media platforms selling users’ information to advertisers. While Facebook has worked steadily recently to make its policies and actions more transparent, they have now introduced a new feature that will steer them to a personalized, opt-in formatted system. The feature is named “Off-Facebook Activity” and […]

A Week of Engagement: One New Way a Day to Connect With Your Audience

Instagram is used by so many brands, companies, and even formal institutions daily. These users are constantly working towards increasing their engagement with their fans and as a result, drive business. But creating genuine engagement is no easy feat. It can be daunting to even know where to start. That’s why we’ve created this simple, […]