Making Sales on Instagram Without Using Ads

Instagram is now a huge platform to use for sales and marketing. If you are stuck on how to utilize Instagram for sales without having to use ads, Elise Darma, an Instagram marketing expert, shares how to use the social media channel as an organic sales funnel through her Story Seasons Method. All consumers go […]

A Guide on Marketing During Unpredictable Times

A new guide by LinkedIn has been published which outlines key content/advertising methods brands and businesses should now be focused on during these current unpredictable times. As the consumer market changes, it can be difficult to know what your business should be communicating or aiming the content around. Therefore, LinkedIn has provided some pointers and […]

Insights on Comments to Potentially Come to Facebook

Engagement on Facebook posts increase post reach, and comments in particular can have a huge impact. The more discussion on a Facebook post will signal the Facebook algorithm that the more people may want to see this post. With Facebook’s potential new feature, users will soon be able to see how the comments are affecting […]

Create Messenger Rooms via Instagram

We informed you about Facebook Messenger Rooms, but we are excited to share Facebook has taken it even further as they expanded these Messenger Rooms onto Instagram! The company is doing whatever they can to optimize the use of video chat due to the rising demand as a result of this current pandemic. Although you […]

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