Facebook Introduces Live from Messenger Rooms!

Facebook recently launched a new feature on Messenger Rooms in which you are able to go live from a room. Currently, Facebook only allows you to co-broadcast a Live with one other person, but this new feature will allow you to go live with up to 50 people! This feature is not available to everyone […]

How to Use Instagram Polls Specifically for Your Business

Using polls in your Instagram story will increase your audience engagement and also allow you to get direct feedback from your audience. It’s important to strategically use polls for your business, and we are here to help guide you on how to do so! If you first need to lean how to make an Instagram story […]

How to Use the Instagram Story Poll Feature

The Instagram poll feature in stories is a great, easy tool to use with many benefits for your business. If you are stuck on how to use Instagram polls, we are here to help!   How to make an Instagram story poll in 5 simple steps:   1. Create a story.  The Instagram poll feature […]

How to Use Instagram Hashtags to Increase Your Reach

Hashtags on Instagram can be tricky. Many people make the mistake of using as many generic hashtags as they can think of on a post, but it is important to establish the right hashtags to use for your business. Strategically choosing your hashtags will help increase your content reach, help you get more followers, and […]

Facebook’s New & Improved Hashtags

Facebook hashtag feeds are now new and improved! Facebook’s recent push of using hashtags can be a great, easy way for businesses to increase their organic reach, and it is worth taking advantage of. To further explain, hashtags on Facebook turn phrases and topics into clickable links in your Facebook posts. When a hashtag is […]

How to get Leads via Instagram Stories

Instagram is a great place to convert leads for your business. The best way to do so is through Instagram stories as there are many great features you can use to reach and convert new leads. Follow along to figure out how.   Reach a wider audience by leveraging your current followers and tagging other […]