Instagram Reels for your Business

We’ve caught you up on Instagram’s recent addition, Instagram Reels, and how to use it. Now, we want to share tips on how to use the new feature for your business. It is worth integrating this feature into your marketing plan as we’ve seen this 15 second marketing strategy successfully work for TikTok, and with Instagram […]

Facebook Fights Engagement Bait

Engagement bait posts are posts which mislead people to interact with the posts in order to boost engagement and reach. Those who use these kinds of posts seek to take advantage of the Facebook algorithm, and Facebook has taken precautions in order to demote these kind of posts. Facebook has reviewed and categorized hundreds of […]

How to Fact-Check Before Sharing on Your Social Media

Social media outlets are now an important source for news updates. However, anyone is allowed to share their thoughts and opinions online with few vetting processes. Which is why it’s important to fact-check information you find online before sharing it.   Here are some easy precautions you can take to verify news you find online: […]

Facebook Introduces Instagram Reels

This week, Instagram launched a new feature on their platform called Instagram Reels. This new feature is a direct competitor to the TikTok app as it allows users to create 15 second videos of popular trends. The Reels feature is not a standalone app, it is built into the Instagram platform. This allows the feature […]