2021 Best Twitter Marketing Strategies

Do you use Twitter to market your business? Well if not, you definitely want to do so. This is yet another social media platform you want to take advantage of in order to get your brand name out there. And if you are having trouble navigating the platform, we have some Twitter marketing tips and best practices for you to reference.


Tweet humorous tweets.

Those brands which use humor in their tweets receive more followers and engagement. This keeps people entertained and wanting to revisit the page for more. By using humor in your tweets, this will also increase your engagement as others will want to retweet you or respond to you. Humorous tweets also follow the 80/20 rule and show you are not some robot strictly promoting your business. Famous brands such as Wendy’s, Spirit Airlines, and Netflix follow this practice as well.


Post quality visual tweets.

Change it up and incorporate visuals in your tweets as well. Visuals always grab viewers attention and will make it more likely for people to engage. You don’t want to be boring by keeping the same format, so get creative with this and use visual content to respond to tweets as well. Just make sure you’re posting quality visual content, and remember you can always find quality content in your Content Planner.


Keep things personal.

Twitter is a great platform to personally connect with your customers. People want to feel like they are being heard and taken care of, and Twitter gives you the opportunity to respond to those customers in a personal way. Respond to any tweets which come your way, and let your customers know you’re working on any issues which come up. This will make you aware of issues which need to be taken care of as well as help you connect with and satisfy your customers.


Use hashtags strategically.

Hashtags can always help increase the reach of your content. However, with Twitter having a 280 character limit, you want to make sure you are using hashtags strategically in your tweets. Research the trending topics on Twitter and hashtags related. Then come up with creative ways on how you can use those hashtags in your tweets. This can increase the chances of your tweets popping up on the trending topics list. However, ensure the hashtags you use are relative to what you are Tweeting about. You don’t want to come off as inauthentic.


All the strategies above have proven to be successful in previous years. Therefore, get creative with your tweets and follow the best practices above in order to further increase your reach, and build up your relationship with your followers!




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