What’s New With Instagram?

Instagram is adding some awesome new features to its platform! Now, you’ll be able to view engagement insights for Reels and Instagram Live Broadcasts, hide your like counts on posts (which is also coming to Facebook), and upload content via desktop. Instagram is also testing a new search function for songs/sounds that is similar to […]

Yes, You Can Take A Professional Headshot With Your Phone

Whether you are seeking employment or trying to create a brand for yourself, a headshot is often what employers and customers see first. While tons of new and creative photography trends have emerged over the past year, one that certainly deserves to stay is the DIY professional headshots. Keep reading for some awesome tips and […]

Why This Is Your One-Two Combo for Social Media Success

Did you know that you can link your Facebook Business Page to your Instagram Business Account? Linking your accounts allows you to manage your posts and advertisements, while also awarding you with the ability to use third-party apps. Check out a step-by-step tutorial on how to link the two!   Benefits of Linking Your Accounts […]