Posting to Instagram via Desktop Coming Soon

Instagram has been working on the ability to directly post content from your desktop. The app has now launched this as a test to a few users, and we’re here to give you all the details… For those users that it is available to, they now see a + icon at the top of their […]

What’s New With Facebook Groups?

Facebook has announced a handful of updates to Facebook Groups that we hope will make the admin experience much more intuitive. These updates include the addition of “Admin Home”, tools to moderate conversations and potential conflict, and new ways that the community standards can be reinforced.    Introducing ‘Admin Home’   Facebook is adding a […]

Instagram Insights

There are so many different factors to consider when posting to Instagram. You may asking, “How can I increase my reach?”, “How often should I post?” among others. Well Instagram’s chief, Adam Mosseri, answered some of these most commonly asked questions during last week’s Instagram Creator Week, and we’re here to give you all the […]

An Updated 2021 User’s Guide to the Instagram Algorithms

Are you looking to get a better grasp on how exactly you can use Instagram to your advantage? Have you ever wondered exactly how Instagram decides what content users will see during their time on the app? This past week, Instagram has shed some light on how exactly the app works and the content that […]

The Marketplace Bug on Facebook & How to Avoid It

Over the last few weeks, you may have noticed some of the posts to your Facebook Groups have either been failing or showing up as an empty post. When we reached out to Facebook, they let us know that they were including this issue as part of the ongoing “Marketplace Bug” on their end. If […]

Making ‘Likes’ Optional. Your Choice.

We’ve decided that this Instagram update is interesting enough to deserve its own moment in the spotlight. If you’ve read our previous blog, you know that Instagram and Facebook are rolling out a new update for their users. After a couple of years of debating, researching, and testing, Instagram and Facebook will now give users […]

Facebook May Hide “Like” Totals, Follow Instagram’s Lead

First Instagram… now Facebook?   With Instagram testing hidden like amounts in several different countries, Facebook seems to be also considering the same tactic. Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineering expert, noticed this beta display for Likes.   As visible from this image, now instead of a Like count, Facebook now just lists “and others” […]