Do You Agree With These Millennial Social Media Trends for 2017?

According to Forbes, here are five predictions for how millennials will be using social media in 2017

  1. Shift in Workplace Communication
    Social Media will become more tolerant in the workplace. New social media platforms will replace work emails and instant messaging on the job. Employees will be encouraged to use Social media to promote their companies, as well as utilize social media as an additional way to increase employee-to-employee availability.
  2. More Ratings and User-Generated Content
    Users will have more opportunities to give qualitative ratings to content. We’ll also see that more content will be sorted, organized, and displayed based on those ratings. More requests for customer recommendations and peer-traded reviews will come into play.
  3. Decline in Social Media Usage
    We’ll see a significant decline in social media usage as millennials equate unhappiness with frequency of use.
  4. Echo Chamber Response: Joining or Leaving the Conversation
    Facebook has mastered the art of providing content to users that is similar to things they have engaged with in the past, causing users to receive biased news and ideas much more frequently that resonate with them most. This will polarize social media users and either force them into the conversation or cause them to leave the platform altogether.
  5. Concise and Non-Verbal Communication
    Users will turn to even faster, yet less thoughtful communication. 

Multibrain’s Takeaway:
Only time will tell if these social media trends will come to fruition. We already see the beginnings of these shifts:  Facebook offers Facebook’s Workplace which is a platform specifically dedicated to internal communication in the workplace. Fake and biased news on Facebook has become the hot topic during the 2016 Presidential elections, with many addressing the effects of such an echo-chamber. The emergence of Facebook Reactions also shows the evolving importance of concise communication for users.

It’s important to take these trends and channel them in a way that will make you most successful in your business!  This can include utilizing more emojis in your marketing messaging strategy as well as encouraging online reviews and recommendations from your customers.

What do you think of these 2017 social media trends for millennials?

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