3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Video Content

Did you know video content is the best performing content type on all social media platforms? That being said, you should definitely consider including video content in your holiday marketing. This can help boost engagement and increase sales. If you are stuck on how to create good video content or just want to step up your video game, Facebook has recently highlighted a few tips for video best practices.



1. Add a short trailer to your video.

Facebook recommends to add a preview from your actual video to the beginning of your video. This is commonly practiced on YouTube as well. Be sure to choose a clip which is relative to your overall video, and which will grab the attention of the viewer, so they will want to stick around to watch the entire thing. This is a simple trick which could likely lead to an increase in engagement and view time.



2. Frame your videos to a 4:5 aspect ratio

Facebook mentions it is best practice to frame your videos using a 4:5 aspect ratio, so that it is aligned with vertical viewing. This is because most people watch videos vertically on their phones these days rather than switching their phone to landscape. That being said, try and frame your videos vertically (in a 4:5 aspect ratio), as this may work best for your videos. According to Facebook, research shows some videos have seen a great increase in performance by switching from a 19:9 ratio to a 4:5 ratio.



3. Engage with your community, and respond to comments.

Facebook also advises to be active in your comments on your videos. Engage with your community by responding to comments on your videos, and create a discussion. This will allow you to further increase your engagement, connect with your audience, and increase your reach.



Some more general tips on video creation from Facebook:


In conclusion, video content is definitely something you want to consider if you haven’t already. We hope these tips help!


Source: Hutchinson, Andrew. “Facebook Shares Video Best Practices to Boost Content Performance.” SocialMediaToday, 24 November 2020, www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-shares-video-best-practices-to-boost-content-performance/.

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