3 Tips for Increasing Engagement on Instagram, Plus New “Take a Break” Feature

Instagram wants you to succeed and so do we! This quick read will keep you up to date on the best ways to interact with your audience. We found out Instagram has partnered with Lolly Hu, the founder of ‘Oh Lolly Day’, whose brand has built a large, engaged audience on the social media app and has shared her personal tips for success, which we quoted for you below.

Hu’s tips focus mostly on how to build a relationship with your followers, which is key to having an audience that wants to engage with you and your content.

View her tips below or in Instagram’s original post here!

  1. “Small [businesses] are always growing! Share your journey on your Instagram feed or stories.”
  2. “Create a series that your audience can be a part of. Use hashtags to encourage conversation.”
  3. “Create special moments! Make a GIF or a filter for your business that your audience can share and interact with.”

Be sure to integrate these tips into your social media strategy by documenting your business’ journey with some fun behind the scenes content, or creating or sharing a fun and engaging GIF for them to respond to. How will you employ these new tips for your Instagram?

And Speaking of Instagram, another new feature is being rolled out! While the app is focusing on creating engagement, it’s also focusing on screen time balance. Instagram is now testing a new feature called “Take a Break.”

The feature shows up as a pop-up on the top of your Instagram Feed screen and prompts users to set reminders to take a break after a certain amount of time on the app – either 10, 20, or 30 minutes.

After selecting a time frame, the new option will then display other activities you can do while stepping away, for example, listening to your favorite song or taking a few deep breaths.

It seems Instagram is responding to the latest calls for less screen time and “unplugging” from social media at times. This move comes after Meta’s other brand, Facebook, offered the “Take a Break” option to mute individual users you’re friends with whose posts you no longer want to see.

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Let us know in the comments which tip you want to try to engage your audience further!

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