3 Video Content Ideas to Get You Started

Video content is the number one converter of sales and it helps to give your brand a personal touch. People are buying YOU, not just the product so make sure to start producing great video content. It should be informative, sincere and fun. If you’re not sure where to start, follow this guide for some great ideas.



Show your customers how to use a new product or maybe an existing product in a new way. When people see something being used, they can better picture themselves using it. This helps creates trust not only of the product, but of you as a person.


  • Trying the newest makeup product on yourself
  • How to wear a piece of clothing 3 ways
  • How to create a makeup look



Let your customers into your world. Packing orders or just got a new shipment of products in? It’s exciting to open a new package.


  • Opening a new product package you got in the mail
  • Packing an order with a surprise sample or product for a customer
  • Testing out different product swatches on your arm



Does your friend LOVE her products she bought from you? Have her tell you about it! People like to see proof that others like and use the products too! Not that your opinion doesn’t matter, but having a few people support your view always helps give you credibility.


  • Have your friend over and interview her about the product
  • Let your friend tell your audience what she loves about the product
  • Both of you together, with live banter talking about the product and when/where you use it


Are you going to start incorporating video content in your business’ social media plan?

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