4 Reasons to be FUNNY on Social Media

Laughter is the universal language!  It’s no wonder that humorous quotes, clever hashtags, and laugh-out-loud memes are taking social media by storm.

Basically, funny is in folks!  The opportunity to show a more light-hearted side of yourself via social media is an obvious benefit for your brand. But what other benefits can you gain by making your audience laugh?

1. Unity.

Laughter is social. Did you know we laugh 30 times more when we’re with others rather than when we are alone? Laughter eases tension and apprehension.  It forms a sense of unity through groups. Make them laugh and you will have them in the palm of your hands in no time.

2. Empathy.

Positive feelings (or laughter in specific) release endorphins, relax the body, and boost the immune system. These physiological and chemical responses are unconscious and create a pleasant emotional response. By using humor in your content on social media, it helps to associate pleasant feelings with your brand.

3. Create a Customer for Life.

No one remembers a dull Facebook post or a boring YouTube video, but we all remember Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign, even if we never had a need to use or buy it. Making your audience feel good, through humorous content, will help them to remember your brand in the short AND long-term.

4. Uncovering Your Audience’s “Sweet Spot”.

If something you post is perceived as just a normal everyday observation, chances are it’s not going to be funny. Although on the contrary, if the subject matter is offensive… again… still probably not going to be funny to the large majority.  But that “sweet spot” between everyday and offensive, that’s where funny happens.

Figuring out the “sweet spot” of your specific group of followers -or fans- can reveal so much about their values, desires, and general way of life.  This in between stage is found through trial and error in the beginning.  Consider trying both extremes in an attempt to gain a more accurate reading of your audience.  Risky? Maybe.  However the insights you gain into your audience’s mentality will be well worth the uncertainty.

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