4 Things Every Successful Social Media Marketer Already Has in their Routine

#1.  Relationships that never stop growing

Blossoming business owners understand that the foundation of building a successful brand presence is a combination of your interactions between a very large range of people, such as, fellow employees, potential customers, competitors, influential social media experts, close friends, superiors, and the people that teach you the basics of getting there.

How Can You Establish This Habit?

Most of us have lists upon lists – some on paper, some stored away in an email archive, some in a forgotten pile of business cards – of contacts of relationships we have built or come in contact with over the years, but very few of us have mastered how to turn them into lucrative, mutually beneficial connections.

There are so many names I am sure that come to mind.  How can you possibly sort through them all?  Let’s start here:

  • Imagine who your PERFECT client is.  What makes them “perfect”?  What is their spending capacity?  What influence do they have on different social groups they are connected with?  What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of them?  Where do they spend their free time?   
  • From the qualities you define above, make a list of the top 10 people who personify the person you would feel most comfortable doing business with.  
  • Work an hour a week into your schedule to make time to reconnect with at least 5 of these 10 people.  The purpose does not have to be about business.  It can simply serve as a reminder of who you are speaking to through social media, and what they will best respond to.  
  • Get out of your own head and what YOU want, and get into the mind of what your perfect client wants.   

#2.  Let passion and purpose say “I do”

The marriage of these two things allows you to focus on a purpose beyond your own monetary profit.  When they are working hand in hand, people will surely begin to take notice and develop an emotional connection to you and your product, thus becoming your biggest advocates.

How Can You Establish This Habit?

Start by writing down 10 reasons why you joined your company in the first place.  Think about how those same things could benefit others, and how you could be performing them better.

Next,  choose one day a week that you will share a personal story of inspiration on social media about yourself or someone you work closely with in your field.  Hint:  videos go a long way when it comes to tapping into our inner passion.  People love to be inspired by anything at all!  40% of what users choose to watch or click on on the internet are things that make us feel empowered through heart felt stories of inspiration.


#3.  Connect and collaborate

It’s simple… NEVER STOP LEARNING!  Become the sponge bob square pants of your industry by remaining in a constant state of absorption.  The availability of information is endless now-a-days and in order to remain on top you have to keep up with the changes.

How You Can Establish This Habit?

  • Research or Google search key words or phrases that define your company or industry. For example:  direct selling, successful independent women, working from home, home office, create your own hours…
  • Incorporate some of those words or phrases into your own posts by using hashtags.  This will help you to join a trending community.   
  • Subscribe to other people’s blogs in your industry to gain insight into what makes them successful.  
  • Ask questions!  When posting something consider including a question about what other people have found so that you can establish stronger bonds through sharing information.


#4.  Measure, monitor and master

Understanding and tracking what is working and what is not is ESSENTIAL to maintaining your audience’s attention.  If you keep doing what you have always done, you are going to get what you have always gotten.  Sometimes we think we know what our friends and followers want, but what you find behind the scenes in your analytics may completely surprise you!

How Can You Establish This Habit? 

  • Take your charts and graphs seriously.  Monitor your results and compare them with each other to redefine your social media marketing strategy.
  • Never assume that one way is the right way.  Social media is changing every day.  What may have worked for you in February, may be completely different to what is working for you in October.  Just be open to the change.   


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