5 Reasons You Should Use Facebook Groups for Your Business

Facebook. A social media platform known by many, but how many know how to use one of the platform’s best secrets? Not only is Facebook a great place to show grandma your report card or wish your BFF a “happy birthday,” it’s also the best way to grow your business.

How? Through Facebook groups. More than 1 billion people in the world use groups, ranging from subjects like “Dog Watching” to “Small Business Owners USA.” When these groups are used properly, the effects for your business are unparalleled.


  1. Collaboration

Growing is all about networking and connecting with others. You want more people to see your brand and want to engage with you. To do this, search Facebook for a topic that is close to your business’ niche. For example, if you sell dog toys, join a group called “Dog Lovers Unite.” By joining Facebook groups with people who share your interests, you’ve automatically opened your boundaries to a new community of support (and possible customers)!


  1. Make your own community

If you followed my first step, but found that there wasn’t really a group on Facebook that clicked for you, this next step is for you. 

Make your own! When making a group, think about it you want it to be public or private. This is up to you and ultimately the best option is the one that aligns with your goals. Do you want a selective community or an open forum for discussion? You decide! When you create a group, you become in charge of this new community and can curate it into whatever you want it to be! Invite friends, colleagues or even members of other groups to join.

Click here for more specific details on how to create a group in Facebook.


  1. Be active!

There’s no point to joining a group if you aren’t going to actively engage with its members! Dedicate time daily to answer group members’ questions and like posts. Or start a new thread that compels members to answer a question or share their personal experiences! When you participate in group discussion, you’re more likely to build connections that last instead of becoming a group ghost!


  1. Advertise, advertise, advertise!

Find groups that are dedicated to connecting your brand with potential customers. Groups like “Brands and Influencers Connect” is a great opportunity for niche brands to connect with a market of customers. In addition, groups like these offer brands the opportunity to collaborate with influencers or creators that may have a larger following. This can easily lead to new business partnerships and promotional opportunities.


  1. Notifications over Newsfeed

As Instagram does, Facebook has an algorithm for its Newsfeed which means that sometimes your group’s posts can be lost in the chaos of friends’ life updates and photos. Solve this issue by making sure you’ve enabled notifications for your groups and check your notifications tab often. This way, you’ll never miss an update or an opportunity to connect!


Facebook is an excellent platform for connecting, sharing and exploring. But the best kept secret of Facebook is their huge network of groups—don’t get caught on the outside, get involved with groups now!


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