5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Facebook Live

We already know that content is king and videos are the optimal type of content. So why wouldn’t you take advantage of the ease, accessibility and high reach of Facebook Live for your business?

Facebook Live is an easy way to show the human element of your brand and engage with other REAL people. This is so important on social media and helps users to connect with you and your brand. Here we break down all of the reasons you should be using Facebook Live for your business.


1. The notification system brings users to your page

When you go Live, Facebook notifies your fans. It even lets users set reminds so they remember to tune in. To go even further, you can promote your Page’s Live video in advance if you wish to get even more viewers.


2. Your Live video stays on your page

Unlike Instagram and other Live videos, Facebook Live videos can then be saved to your page so people can continue viewing it long after you went live.


3. The analytics are awesome

You get real-time data on how your video is resonating. You can see when the most people tuned in, total reach, comments, reactions and shares. This lets you see what type of live content your fans really resonate with. Then, you can start creating more of it!


4. You get more views

According to Facebook, 1 out of 5 videos posted to this social media channel are posted via Live. Not only that, but fans will spend three times longer watching live video rather than a pre-made video.


5. You pay NOTHING

This is perhaps the cheapest and easiest way to create video content. In case you don’t already know the importance of video in your marketing plan, you should! Videos get shared more than any other type of content. So get your business on more people’s radar by creating Facebook Live videos!
What do you think about Facebook Live? Do you use it for your business already or will you start?

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