5 Useful Strategies to Improve the Quality of Your Reels

Since Instagram released Reels back in 2020, they have quickly become one of the quickest and easiest ways to grow on the platform. Reels consistently perform better than any other type of content on Instagram, and the reason is simple. The rise of short-form video has taken the world by storm, and we crave more and more of it. The one caveat to this is that Reels need to be great quality.

What Makes a Reel Great?

To get great quality Reels, two different aspects need to be addressed. 

The first aspect that needs to be addressed is the quality of the recording. All Reels need to have a 9:16 ratio. If you are recording a Reel from the Instagram app, the ratio is already 9:16, so no changes need to be made. Make sure to have good lighting and to hold your mobile device as still as possible when recording. 

The second aspect that needs to be addressed is the actual content that you are putting into a Reel. What is your Reel about? Let’s dive into some useful strategies regarding content!

Nail the Hook

The hook is the first thing that people experience when they view your Reel. Making sure you catch the attention of viewers within the first .5 seconds is crucial to the success of your post. Here are some things that are a MUST when you are trying to nail the hook. 

  • Choose a trending audio that fits the energy of your Reel. You know the audio is trending when it has a tiny up arrow next to the sound. 
  • Capture high quality videos and images that are inviting.
  • Feature your face or something else that will grab the viewer’s attention. For example, beautiful nature, large and colorful text, etc.

Get Creative with Transitions

Transitions can be tricky. If you are newer to creating Reels, you may get frustrated with the idea. Transitions create illusions and trick the eye into seeing something that isn’t really there. For example, use the headbutt transition. Record yourself before you get ready for the day. As you are recording your face, touch your head to the camera and stop recording at the same time. Finish getting ready for the day, then touch your camera to your head, start recording, and pull the phone camera away from your head to reveal your face.

If this sounded confusing, view this example.

Match the Rhythm

Make sure the content of your Reel matches the rhythm of the music you choose. Don’t put a fast video to a slow song, or a slow video to a fast song. In addition, make sure that if the sound you chose has words, to lip sync them as accurately as possible.

Explore Collaborations

When you are on social media, there are so many people out there who can relate to your journey on socials. Consider partnering with another person to create a Reel! When you collaborate with others, you provide more entertainment to your current audience. They get to know a new person, and it provides you with credibility, since other creators trust you. 

Collaborating with others also lets you tap into their following. When their followers see you, they are much more likely to follow your account and engage with your content, since you are essentially recommended/endorsed by your collaborator. Take a look at this blog post to see what is new with Instagram Reels.

Be Authentic

Being authentic to who you are and what you enjoy is one of the most important things when creating content. Your content will automatically appeal to those who are like minded. Make sure your Reels are authentic to your interests, hobbies, thoughts, and joys. 

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