6 Quick Tips for Improving Facebook Reach

More Happiness. More Love. More Prosperity.  We’re all looking for MORE in life. But… what about Facebook Reach?! When it comes to marketing your business and measuring success, we’re all looking for MORE as well. More Prospects. More Customers. More Engagement.

Reaching more people with your posts on Facebook can be tough and frustrating. That’s why our friend, Jen Fong, wrote “6 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Reach”, and we can’t get enough of it!

Here’s our quick summary that even the busiest bee can review:

  1. It all begins with great content. Write content that your audience WANTS to engage with.
  2. You can no longer rely solely on Facebook to get traffic to your posts and page. Build an email list and send out links to your content via newsletter!
  3. Reach more people with VISUAL posts. Text-based statuses will reach far less people.
  4. Try broadcasting a Live Video through Facebook Live. You’ll reach more people with this method than using other post types.
  5. Ask super fans to turn on notifications for your page by clicking on the “Liked” button and selecting “All On” under Notifications.
  6. Pay for Visibility! Boost posts. Create Ads. Just make sure you have a conversion objective and choose your paid advertising method accordingly.

Lastly, remember that Facebook should be a part of your communication strategy that supplements other content methods such as original newsletters and blogs!

Click HERE For the full-length article.

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