The 9 Things to Avoid Doing on Facebook

To have a Facebook presence is essential for businesses these days. But what’s even more important is figuring out how to increase your Facebook Business Page’s reach/engagement. How often you should post, what should you post, and finding the right content can be difficult to determine sometimes, and there are common mistakes businesses make when posting which could have been preventable. To avoid making the same mistakes, here are the most common Facebook no-no’s:


1. Creating a Facebook Profile instead of a Facebook Business Page

  • People often make this mistake, but it is important to know Facebook profiles are for regular users and Facebook pages are for businesses. Posting about your business from your personal account may also look unprofessional.


2. Posting just photos

  • Posting only photos is a big no-no. You want to spice your timeline up a little. Videos are having a huge moment on Facebook right now, so be sure to include videos such as gifs and animated stories on your Facebook page.
  • It is also important to create posts around engagement and not just posts promoting your brand/products. For example, publish posts which will spark a conversation such as doing a poll and/or asking a question.


3. Ignoring posts/comments on your page, including the not so great ones

  • It is important to interact with your customers on your Facebook page and not ignore their comments, as those hanging out on your page are customers you already have. Therefore, ignoring them shows that you and your business do not care.
  • In order to avoid ignoring your customers, make sure your desired publishing options are turned on for your page.
  • You can’t stop negative comments from happening. In fact, address them on your page in a respectful manner. This will allow your customers to see how you can resolve issues, and it shows you are concerned about their happiness.


4. Posting too often

  • It is important to post often, but you do not want your followers to lose interest. Make sure to to focus on quality rather than quantity.


5. Only posting during business hours

  • In order to increase your reach, it is important not to limit your posting to just business hours.
  • Posts published after-hours (5 p.m. – 1 a.m. EST) got 11% more interactions than those published during the day (8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST), according to a TrackMaven study.
  • Post on weekends as well, people are more likely to be on their phones when they are not at work.


6. Having multiple Facebook accounts

  • It is not a good idea to have multiple Facebook accounts for your business as this will be hard to maintain, and it may look suspicious to customers.
  • If you want certain posts to be targeted to certain audiences, Facebook has targeting options. This will allow you to post tailored content which will only be shown to a certain segment of your audience.


7. Posting from the wrong account

  • This is an easy, common mistake as most people have both their Facebook personal and business accounts linked to all their devices. Make sure you are double checking and posting to the correct account!


8. Posting click-bait

  • You want to ensure you are delivering on your promises. Do not false advertise, post clear headlines and informative blogs in order to gain your customers’ trust.


9. Making posts too long

  • Again, you do not want to lose your followers’ interest by making posts too long.
  • It is, however, important to test out post lengths to see what your customers like best and engage with the most. For some businesses, longer posts work better.


Happy Facebook posting!

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