A Guide on Marketing During Unpredictable Times

A new guide by LinkedIn has been published which outlines key content/advertising methods brands and businesses should now be focused on during these current unpredictable times. As the consumer market changes, it can be difficult to know what your business should be communicating or aiming the content around. Therefore, LinkedIn has provided some pointers and expert tips based on past situations on how to effectively market to your audience during these times.

As said by LinkedIn,

“In times of uncertainty, a strong content marketing strategy is about having a long-term plan to drive growth for your business. The initial shock is over, so now it’s time to plot a course for recovery. That’s why boosting your share of voice, brand awareness and trust in your business are all so important. Building and maintaining customer relationships will continue to pay-off as the world begins to adjust over the coming months.”


As mentioned, the guide covers a range of pointers on how to market within a changed environment. Below are 3 lessons on how brands have seen success during similar times.

3 lessons on how to advertise during a recession:

1. Focus on brand advertising/awareness rather than short-term sales activation.

2. Express humanity, generosity, emotions, and humor in your messaging.

3. Demonstrate humanity/generosity by asking “How can we help?”


The guide also provides some changes in usage stats as a result of this pandemic to help show the importance of marketing during these times:

Social Media: Increased by 21% worldwide since the start of the pandemic. This can be used to businesses advantage as it can be used as the natural channel to expand content reach.

Video: YouTube recorded a 500% increase in views on videos with the words “at home” or “with me.” Again, another outlet that can be utilized to to increase your brand awareness/reach.

Targeting Display Advertising: This is a proven way to introduce your brand to new prospects. However, it is important to establish what you want your audience to do once they have clicked through.


According to LinkedIn, businesses need to re-assess their approach on marketing and what they’re hoping to achieve. It is important to establish what you want to achieve with your marketing during the current climate. You must be able to justify these expectations as well. Are you wanting to raise brand awareness, generate higher quality leads, establish your business as a leader in the industry, better engage prospective audience, or do you want to just offer help? Also provided in the guide are tips on what actions businesses should be taking right now.

What businesses/brands should be doing:

  • Keep your social media active: post regularly and respond in a timely manner to any inquiries.
  • Post a variety of content on your social channels such as images, interactive stories, and gifs, which are relative to your brand and changing needs of your audience.
  • See what your audience is responding to, so you can generate more content like so. You can do so, by going into your Facebook Group and/or Business Page and look at the insights to see which of your posts are gaining the most reactions.
  • Boost Brand Awareness by interacting with your audience through mentions, @ mention those affiliated with certain content, use popular hashtags, and share your best @ mentions on your stories!
  • Increase employee interaction- people like interacting with people, content which is shared by employees has twice the engagement rate!


This is a great guide to follow if you are facing some difficulties adjusting your business with the current time as these are significant, key points based on experiences of those who dealt with similar downturns in the past.


You can find the guide here.

Information was sourced from here. 

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