A Look Back at Social Media’s Biggest Trends of 2016

Over the past few weeks, we’ve taken a look at the future of social media as we know it. To us, the social media trends of 2017 tend to be one big continuation of the progress we’ve made in 2016. Understanding the course of the past can help in making predictions for the future. So, let’ review!

Here are Forbe’s social media trends of 2016 that have changed the way we use social media.

  1. Live Video – In 2016, we’ve seen Live Video grow in popularity with the launch of Facebook Live as well as the streaming app, Periscope.
  2. Stories – We saw Instagram come up with their own version of Snapchat’s, “My Story”.
  3. Mobile Optimization- Social media platforms continuously directed their efforts towards optimizing the mobile experience. Instagram and Snap are exclusively mobile; Facebook and Twitter made mobile functionality top priority.
  4. Social Commerce and Advertising – We saw new advertising options from Instagram and Pinterest as well as new features like Slideshow Ads from Facebook.
  5. Echo Chambers and Influence- Due to Facebook’s algorithms and ranked stories based on user engagement, users are presented with news stories that reaffirm their beliefs and shielded opposing viewpoints.
  6. Fun – We saw more playful features added to social media platforms such as snap filters, stories and image text for Instagram, and emoji reactions for Facebook!
  7. Chatting Features– This year we see the rise in popularity for chatting features through Snapchat and Whatsapp.

Multibrain’s Take:
In 2016, we saw Social Media make some huge waves! Our team believes that these features will only become more advanced and more optimized for users. Start to incorporate these features into your Social Media Strategy NOW. Live Video and Stories are a great way to give your audience a more personal way to connect with your business or brand. If you haven’t done so already, make sure that your websites are responsive to all digital platforms, especially mobile (desktop, cellphone, tablet devices). Our team STRONGLY recommends social media advertising for brand awareness and increasing your reach. Make your communication with users more casual and personal through hthe incorporation of memes, photo filters, and emojis. Finally, it’s never too late to incorporate chatting features into your customer service communication. Users will truly appreciate your accessibility and will hopefully reward you through brand loyalty.


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