A New Facebook Feature That May Revolutionize How Businesses Communicate with Consumers

While Messenger is one of Facebook’s most popular products, the social network has never directly monetized this feature before. However, it looks like Facebook has grown willing to let advertisers pay for direct ad messaging.

A recently leaked document from Facebook reveals that businesses will soon be able to directly message paid ads through Messenger in Q2 2016.

One thing to note: In an effort to somewhat limit spam potential and annoyance, Facebook will only allow brands to send paid ad messages to potential customers who have voluntarily chatted with the business before.

Finally, the document also encourages businesses to get consumers to start message threads with them now in preparation for using this new feature.

Facebook declined to comment on the validity of the leaked document.

Multibrain’s Take:
The ability for businesses to send paid ads directly to interested consumers will completely revolutionize how businesses communicate and interact with their audience. With this new feature, it has become even more apparent that advertising will continue to become more and more personalized.

Only time will tell whether consumers will find these personalized ad messages invasive or if they will appreciate the one-on-one dynamic that they have with the businesses that they pay attention to most. What I can say is that with great power, comes great responsibility; Businesses will need to adjust to the growing demand of personalized communication with prospects.

For more on this potential feature, click here.

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