A Week of Engagement: One New Way a Day to Connect With Your Audience

Instagram is used by so many brands, companies, and even formal institutions daily. These users are constantly working towards increasing their engagement with their fans and as a result, drive business.

But creating genuine engagement is no easy feat. It can be daunting to even know where to start. That’s why we’ve created this simple, one-week guide with a new strategy to use each day to jumpstart your engagement.


Monday: Listen and respond to your niche community

Make sure you are taking the initiative and starting the engagement first. If someone leaves a comment on your post, set a goal to reply back that same day to keep the conversation flowing. Listen to what your followers say or like to see and respond appropriately. Thank other accounts that share your account or regularly like and comment on your posts.


Tuesday: Update your profile photo

The best way to spark engagement is to give your followers something new to look at! Freshen things up with a new, fun photo that will leave your followers wanting more and clicking back to your profile to see your recent posts.


Wednesday: Employ a call to action

On Wednesday, make sure your post encourages your followers to interact with your page! Include a Call to Action such as “Let me know your favorite accessory in the comments!” or “Share with a friend who could use a tropical vacation right now.” These easy phrases are quick to boost engagement and gives your followers a prompt when they might be unsure about what to comment on your posts. However, use them sparingly because on every post, they can appear spammy and may cause you trouble with the algorithm.


Thursday: Use a new hashtag to get discovered

Sometimes, we can get caught into a rhythm where we constantly use the same ten hashtags on all of your posts. Thursday, research new trending hashtags in your community and use them in your posts! A general rule of thumb is to not include more than one hashtag with over a million posts so your post doesn’t get lost. But switching up your tags is a great way to introduce yourself to a new audience!


Friday: Host a contest!

Contests are a great way to gain new followers while also keeping your current fans engaged. While the prize is up to you, the options for contests are endless. Here are some that are easy to do but are fun for everyone involved!

  • Caption Contest: the best caption for a given photo wins!
  • Photo contest: the best photo (or the one with the most likes) wins. This could be good for showcasing a product you are selling!
  • Comment to Win: Fans comment on your post as their “entry” into the contest.

A couple of key tips to keep in mind if you run a contest: follow the rules for contests associated with each platform, send a thank you to entrants that don’t win, and make sure your prize is something related to your brand!


What do you think of our week-long engagement building plan? What do you do to boost engagement? Let us know below!

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