All You Need to Know About Pinterest in 2023

If you’re still convinced that Facebook and Twitter are the ultimate tools for social media marketing, you might want to reconsider.

Introduce your business to a potential game-changer: Pinterest for Business.

A significant number of Pinterest Pins come from Repins, highlighting the platform’s emphasis on share-worthy content. Impressively, a Pin typically has a lifespan of three months. In contrast, a Facebook post lives for about five to six hours, and a tweet on Twitter lasts a mere 15 to 20 minutes.

Since Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, Pinterest has surged as a top choice for business promotion.

And why not? A platform that boasts over 433 million monthly active users is surely not to be overlooked.

Beyond its allure with dreamy getaways and culinary delights, the real power of Pinterest lies in the specialized tools offered by its business accounts. By opting for a Pinterest Business account, companies can leverage enhanced marketing tools on one of the fastest-evolving social media platforms.

Advantages of Using Pinterest Business Accounts:

If you haven’t jumped on board, or if you’re currently using a personal account, you’ll want to switch to an official Pinterest Business account to harness its full marketing power. Here’s what sets a Business Account apart:

Distinct Terms of Service:

The terms for businesses differ slightly, so it’s crucial to understand them. The difference mainly arises because of the account’s commercial use.

The core Acceptable Use and Pin Etiquette Policies remain consistent. However, there are specific guidelines for business use:

– Avoid spam-like behaviors, such as repetitive commenting requests.

– Refrain from hosting sweepstakes where Pins, Repins, or Likes equate to entries or using Repins or Likes for voting.

– Limit the frequency of contests, sweepstakes, or promotions.

– Do not imply any endorsement or sponsorship from Pinterest.

Comprehensive Marketing Learning Resources:

Pinterest offers more than just a platform. They curate a suite of educational materials to help businesses optimize their marketing efforts on Pinterest, including:

– Business tools: In-depth guides, insights, and tools to help businesses thrive on Pinterest.

– Pinterest business community: A forum where businesses can collaborate and support one another.

Stay informed with the Pinterest Blog, offering regular updates and practical advice.

Insightful Analytics Access:

One of the standout features of a Pinterest Business account is its Analytics tool. Once you verify your account, you gain insights into tracking data, enabling you to refine your marketing strategies on Pinterest.

Enhanced Rich Pins:

Rich Pins offer a wealth of information compared to regular Pins, amplifying their selling potential. Features include real-time price and stock updates, direct website links, and interactive maps. Further details on optimizing Rich Pins will follow.

Advancements in Tools and Features

Pinterest has hinted at rolling out exclusive tools for business accounts in the near future. Currently, these include:

– Buyable Pins tailored for e-commerce

– Promoted Pins

– The “Pin It” Button

– The Widget Creator

To stay on top of these updates, consider subscribing to the Pinterest newsletter.

Custom Settings

With a business account, you can feature your business name directly, moving away from the conventional First + Last Name setup. Notably, this ensures your Pinterest account won’t link automatically to your Facebook profile. To integrate the two, simply include a Facebook tab on your Pinterest homepage.

Guidelines to Amplify Engagement on Your Business Pinterest Account:

A well-crafted Pin can significantly boost business engagement. 

Often referred to as a visual search engine, the key to success on Pinterest, much like writing blog posts or Instagram content, is ensuring your content is discoverable.

If it’s not easily discoverable, your audience can’t engage with it.

Hence, before you delve into pinning, familiarize yourself with the Pinterest ecosystem and recognize how to craft trending Pins.

  1. Pin Within Trending Categories

Knowing popular categories on Pinterest gives insight into which Boards will resonate with your audience. While a majority of Pinterest users are female, it’s noteworthy that male engagement has seen consistent growth, reaching roughly 27% in recent U.S. statistics. Tailor your Pins and content strategy accordingly.

Avoid creating Boards unrelated to your business niche, for instance, avoid a DIY craft board if your business doesn’t resonate with that theme.

  1. Prioritize Quality Images

A glance at Pinterest reveals its visual-centric nature. The quality of your images is paramount to the success of your Pin.

So, what drives the popularity of top-tier Pins?

  1. Adopt the Ideal Pin Size

The recommended Pin size is 1000 x 1500 pixels. However, the ultimate aim is maintaining a 2:3 aspect ratio. For instance, 1000 x 2100 pixel Pins can be just as effective without being cut off in the feed.

Pinterest advocates for vertical imagery, asserting its effectiveness in capturing attention. Avoid oversized or undersized Pins as they could undermine your Pin’s reach.

  1. Leverage Instructographics

On occasions, utilizing the longer Pin format can be advantageous. Pinterest introduced the term “instructographic”, synonymous with infographics. These designs, often DIY or how-to guides, are immensely popular on the platform.

Implementing these guidelines ensures your focus remains on churning out compelling content, streamlining your strategy.

Promote Easy Pinning from Your Websites

By integrating a “Pin It” button that appears over images on your websites or mobile app, courtesy of Pinterest, you enhance user interaction. WordPress users can benefit from the Pinterest “Pin It” Hover button plugin.

Such features encourage visitors to either explore your Pinterest account or share your content on their boards. Without these integrations, your website’s potential to drive Pinterest engagement dwindles.

Integrate with Other Social Media Outlets

Switching to a new social media shouldn’t equate to building a follower base from scratch. Seamlessly connect your Instagram, YouTube, and Etsy profiles to your Pinterest Business account.

This synergy not only increases your follower count by tapping into existing followers from other platforms but also amplifies content reach. Furthermore, it enriches your Pinterest profile with relevant buttons to draw more attention.

To synchronize your accounts:

– Navigate to “Settings” via the dropdown menu.

– Proceed to the “Claim” section.

– Establish connections by selecting the “Claim” button.

Stay ahead of the social media game

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