Big News about Periscope—The Live Streaming App!

Do you remember in one of our previous blogs, “2016 Social Media Predictions and How You Can Apply Them to Your Business”, we talked about the power of live-streaming videos from your mobile to social media and how it would be the next big thing in 2016?! Well, we’re here to give you a brand new update!

The live-streaming app, Periscope, which was recently purchased by Twitter, announced that their live stream videos will now autoplay within tweets via Twitter’s iPhone app! No longer will you have to open up the Periscope app to view these videos on Twitter.

Current autoplay functions will be enabled on your timeline, search results, and when viewing another user’s profile. When you double click the video, it will expand full screen and include hearts and comments underneath.

One thing to note is that this integration only works for viewing videos and not broadcasting videos. To broadcast, you will still need to use the stand-alone Periscope app.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to this new feature update. The Good—ease of use! You will be able to toggle between live streams and your timeline via mobile much more easily. The Bad—your timeline might feel cluttered from all of the movement of the autoplay videos.

One good thing that we see for Twitter—more time spent on their platform and increased engagement! This added feature could also mean a possible boost to Twitter’s ad revenue!

Watch for this feature update. What do you think about this news?

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