Facebook May Hide “Like” Totals, Follow Instagram’s Lead

First Instagram… now Facebook?   With Instagram testing hidden like amounts in several different countries, Facebook seems to be also considering the same tactic. Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineering expert, noticed this beta display for Likes.   As visible from this image, now instead of a Like count, Facebook now just lists “and others” […]

Why This Is Your One-Two Combo for Social Media Success

Did you know that you can link your Facebook Business Page to your Instagram Business Account? Linking your accounts allows you to manage your posts and advertisements, while also awarding you with the ability to use third-party apps. Check out a step-by-step tutorial on how to link the two!   Benefits of Linking Your Accounts […]

Facebook Announces Stricter Rules Around Group Violations

Facebook has announced stricter rules for group interactions, as well as harsher penalties for those who violate these rules. Included in these changes are group recommendation updates and reach reduction. According to Social Media Today, over 1.8 billion people now use Facebook groups every month. By implementing these changes, Facebook is hoping to ensure that users are […]

Facebook’s New Public Group Experience

Facebook is launching a new public Groups experience over the coming months! Facebook’s goals with the new Group experience is to build a more diverse sense of community while giving admins the tools they need in order to keep Groups safe, allowing for better and higher quality conversations. Here’s What’s New:  Broader Reach With the […]

Facebook Introduces Cross-App Messaging with Instagram!

Facebook has launched cross-app messaging with Instagram, which means users can message each other from one app to the other! This new feature will allow Facebook and Instagram users to connect with each other through messages, re-sharing posts, and even via video chat.       If you’re using Facebook Messenger and would like to […]

Does Facebook Remove Inactive Members From Groups?

If you’ve noticed a drop in your members count in any of your Facebook Groups, this could be due to the fact that now Facebook “removes” inactive members from your Group. However, these members are not completely removed from the Group, but they are taken off the members list and moved to the “invited” list. […]

Facebook’s New Page Experience

Facebook has recently rolled out their new redesigned Page experience. This new Page experience will allow for creators and public figures to build a sense of community and reach their business goals and objectives. Here’s what’s new: Simple, redesigned layout, which will be more intuitive for users Dedicated News Feed Easy navigation to switch between your […]

New Vanish Mode for Facebook & Instagram

Disappearing messages on social have been a hot trend for quite some time now. And while Snapchat started the trend, Facebook has recently launched a Vanish Mode for Messenger and Instagram. This new feature will erase any messages you have sent in a chat as soon as you leave the chat. With this new feature, […]