How to Optimize Instagram’s New Keyword Search Option for Your Business

Instagram’s new keyword search feature is a great new tool you can use for your business.     Before, the only way to really search for certain content on Instagram was through hashtags. However, with this new feature, your posts are more likely to get found, even if you did not use any hashtags. Here […]

Instagram Reels for your Business

We’ve caught you up on Instagram’s recent addition, Instagram Reels, and how to use it. Now, we want to share tips on how to use the new feature for your business. It is worth integrating this feature into your marketing plan as we’ve seen this 15 second marketing strategy successfully work for TikTok, and with Instagram […]

How to Fact-Check Before Sharing on Your Social Media

Social media outlets are now an important source for news updates. However, anyone is allowed to share their thoughts and opinions online with few vetting processes. Which is why it’s important to fact-check information you find online before sharing it.   Here are some easy precautions you can take to verify news you find online: […]

How To Use Multibrain’s ‘ShowMaker’ Feature

Our ‘ShowMaker’ feature allows users to continue to customize their own content, while still staying true to brand guidelines. It allows users to create a slide show of any images they select or a product showcase of a certain product/category. Essentially, a user can select up to 10 images from the platform and/or upload their […]

How to Work from Home Like a Pro (or a Brain)

As working from home becomes the new norm for many Americans and those around the world, people who are unfamiliar with this sort of lifestyle can become overwhelmed, unfocused, and unmotivated. While working from home certainly isn’t the same as hanging out at the office, here are our tips (since we’re all used to working […]

How to Promote a Successful Virtual Party

Do you host parties on social media? Are online events your main marketing technique, or do you want them to be? If you answered yes, this post will be your 101 guide to promoting a virtual party that results in, hopefully, more online sales.   Everyone loves a good party. Online or real-life, everyone loves […]

How to Master Social Media Copy Even If You Don’t Like Writing

We know that promoting your business on social media is essential to boost your discovery, engagement, and ultimately, sales. But making posts isn’t always easy. What do you caption it? How do you write engaging blog posts that are on brand for your business? This is even HARDER to do if you don’t like to […]

6 Tips for Going Live on Social Media

While you may have mastered tweeting, creating Facebook groups, or sharing your favorite new picture on Instagram, you may not have mastered one of social media’s greatest tools: going live. Going live on each individual platform is a bit different, but essential for connecting with your audience and drawing attention to your business or page. […]

How To Use The New Prospect Center

Have you noticed our newly updated Prospect Center? We’ve made it even easier to see your biggest fans and reach out them. We created two new sections: Respond and Contacts. Respond: We’ve updated your engagement feed and show you the stuff that really matters: See comments and direct messages from all your accounts Respond to […]

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