What’s New with Instagram Reels?

Reels killed Instagram Video? It seems like it, as Instagram has made some new updates to the way they display their video content on the app, while also providing some new tools for creativity within the Reels editing interface. What You Can Expect: Instagram has made the decision that all video content will now be […]

Posting to Instagram via Desktop Now Available

Instagram has been working on the ability to directly post content from your desktop. The app has now launched this feature for all users, and we’re here to give you all the details…

Connecting Instagram to WhatsApp

Instagram recently launched the ability for businesses to connect their WhatsApp Business Account to their Instagram Business Account. Although this may seem like a minor update, this opens up significant opportunities for businesses.

Understanding The Instagram ‘Search’ Algorithm

As Instagram continues to evolve, understanding every part of the algorithm is as important as ever. Today, we will help you understand how the ‘Search’ function works. Keep reading to learn all about it!

The Instagram Reels Algorithm & How It Works

Instagram recently shared the factors their algorithm analyzes when ranking Reels. These are important factors to take into consideration when creating your Reels in order to help you increase your reach.