What’s New With Instagram?

Instagram is adding some awesome new features to its platform! Now, you’ll be able to view engagement insights for Reels and Instagram Live Broadcasts, hide your like counts on posts (which is also coming to Facebook), and upload content via desktop. Instagram is also testing a new search function for songs/sounds that is similar to […]

Why This Is Your One-Two Combo for Social Media Success

Did you know that you can link your Facebook Business Page to your Instagram Business Account? Linking your accounts allows you to manage your posts and advertisements, while also awarding you with the ability to use third-party apps. Check out a step-by-step tutorial on how to link the two!   Benefits of Linking Your Accounts […]

Top Social Trends 2021

This past year has resulted in a major lifestyle adjustment for us all. Due to the global pandemic, we’ve all had to find new ways to shop, socialize, and work. This new lifestyle adjustment has also caused a shift in digital trends. See below the infographic we’ve put together of the Top Social Trends to […]

Instagram’s Do’s & Don’ts on Reels Content

Instagram has been putting major emphasis on Reels, and some users have noted this has caused a reduction in reach for other content format types on the app such as posts and stories. In order to potentially increase your overall reach on Instagram, you should try posting more Reels content. Although Instagram has not confirmed […]

2021 Social Media Trends & Predictions

Let’s face it, 2020 was an adjustment for all of us. And with having to adjust to a new reality, this brought a lot of change to social media. New social media trends evolved and major social media platforms shifted their focus in order to meet consumers demands during this pandemic. That being said, here […]

3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Video Content

Did you know video content is the best performing content type on all social media platforms? That being said, you should definitely consider including video content in your holiday marketing. This can help boost engagement and increase sales. If you are stuck on how to create good video content or just want to step up […]

Ways to Get Holiday-Ready on Social

Online shopping is going to be the go-to for this holiday season, which is why it’s important to start getting your social media channels ready for the holidays! That being said, here are some tips we have to get holiday-ready on social:   Start prepping your Content Calendar.   As this time of year is […]

How to Fact-Check Before Sharing on Your Social Media

Social media outlets are now an important source for news updates. However, anyone is allowed to share their thoughts and opinions online with few vetting processes. Which is why it’s important to fact-check information you find online before sharing it.   Here are some easy precautions you can take to verify news you find online: […]

A Guide on Marketing During Unpredictable Times

A new guide by LinkedIn has been published which outlines key content/advertising methods brands and businesses should now be focused on during these current unpredictable times. As the consumer market changes, it can be difficult to know what your business should be communicating or aiming the content around. Therefore, LinkedIn has provided some pointers and […]