TikTok’s Ad Audience Hits 1.2 Billion (And Other Mind-Blowing Stats)

A new report from Hootsuite and We Are Social was just released – detailing the latest in global social media data. While the numbers are important, we know that the real information lies beyond the statistics. So we’ve recapped the major trends from the report, organized by app, so you can maximize your social media […]

Meet The Internet’s Newest Search Engine: TikTok

Woman taking a video on her cell phone to create a TikTok Post

Picture this: you have a question you’d like to have answered. What do you do? The majority of us would surely head to Google, type our question in the “Search” box, press enter, and then scroll through the hundreds of thousands of replies until we were satisfied with the answer. For Gen Z, this is […]

TikTok 101

It’s impossible to miss: TikTok. It’s the world’s hottest and newest social media platform with over a billion active users, but it’s also a new frontier for social selling.

TikTok Adds a New Q & A Feature for Creators

In hopes to spark more engagement between creators and their fans, TikTok has launched a new Q & A feature for creators! This new feature will allow followers to ask questions in the comments sections of Creators videos. Certain users with Creator accounts will have the option to turn this Q & A feature on. […]

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