Top 5 Social Trends for 2017 And Ways To Incorporate Them Into Your Business Strategy

Forbes has listed their top 5 social media trends to look out for in 2017. Here’s a short summary of each: Live Video: We’ve seen the beginnings of this through Facebook Live, Periscope Pro, and Youtube Live. People are moving from traditional television to social for entertainment!  Messaging Apps: One-on-one engagement with customers through tech […]

Extended Character Count on Twitter and What it Means for Your Business

Big Feature Rolling Out Twitter is finally rolling out one big change –  the ability for you to write longer messages! While the 140-character limit remains, no longer will links from shared GIFs, polls, photos, videos, or quoted tweets count toward the character limits of your tweets. This means you can share your media and […]

How to Customize Content for Each Social Media Channel

While traditional digital marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC or email marketing can still be highly effective, adding social media marketing to the mix can give you a great competitive edge. Utilizing social media not only serves to improve your online visibility, but also increases brand recognition and customer loyalty through positive engagement with the […]

4 Brilliant Ways Top Brands Use Social Media to Promote their Business

Once thought of as a fad, social networking is here to stay. Social media usage by all Internet users has grown from 8 percent in 2005 to almost 80 percent today. Social media has also changed the way direct sales is conducted. But you may still not be sure the best way to market and […]

Twitter May Be Expanding Its 140 Character Limit

Sources are buzzing that the social media site is planning on doing away with its heavily debated 140 character limit on Tweets. The rumor is allowing up to 10,000 characters – a big change for the company who’s looking to expand its user base. The character limit benefits Twitter by keeping all communications short so […]

Big News about Periscope—The Live Streaming App!

Do you remember in one of our previous blogs, “2016 Social Media Predictions and How You Can Apply Them to Your Business”, we talked about the power of live-streaming videos from your mobile to social media and how it would be the next big thing in 2016?! Well, we’re here to give you a brand […]

Social Media vs. The Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again!  Everyone’s favorite time of year.  Fall fashion, holiday parties, gift giving, uncontrollable eating, being surrounded by loved ones, and not to mention a little time off from work if you are lucky.  If social media is a part of your personal marketing or branding efforts to grow your business, […]

Twitter Replaces “Favorites” with “Likes”

Twitter has finally made the transition from using “favorites” to using “likes”. The favorites option will now be a red heart which signifies liking a post. The social media company made comments claiming this change is an effort to simplify the user experience to attract new users. Apparently a star is less intimidating to new […]

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