Have You Added a Call-to-Action Button to Your Facebook Business Page?

A Call-to-Action is a great way to attract and drive visitors to take a desired action on your Facebook Business Page. This button appears near the top of your page and is very easy to locate. There are so many options when creating a call-to-action button that it may seem overwhelming to the average user. Some of […]

Facebook’s Testing a New Feature That We Want You To Know About

Facebook is currently testing a possible new feature called ‘What Friends Are Talking About”. This dedicated section appears at the top of your newsfeed and is a collection of recent posts from your friends, making it easier to see your close friends’ posts and how many comments those posts have received. The feature also shows […]

Major Updates from Pinterest Means Game Changer for Small Businesses

Yesterday, Pinterest released a new set of advertising management tools for small businesses that were only made available previously to Partners. The ad manager includes: bulk-editing features, ad purchase by credit card, and the ability to monitor and track the success of an ad campaign more closely. In addition to releasing the ad manager, Pinterest […]

New Facebook Audience Optimization Feature Means Big Engagement Improvements

Facebook now has a feature called Facebook Audience Optimization which is currently rolling out to English-language pages in select categories. With this new feature, you can specify the audiences most likely to engage with each of your Facebook Business Page posts based on interests. You can also restrict who sees your post by age, gender, […]

10 New Features in 2016 That Prove Facebook Wants To Be Your Everything!

Can you imagine your life if you didn’t use Yelp, Google, Uber or Amazon? Well, Facebook wants this to become a reality! In 2016, Facebook plans to borrow the best features from other popular services in order to become your one-stop-shop for all of your needs! Here’s how Facebook wants to become more like your […]

Why Social Media Marketing Is So Valuable in Influencing Product Decisions

Everyone has heard how important social media marketing is in this day and age, but not everyone knows why. Social media marketing builds brand awareness, website traffic and fan engagement, but perhaps the most important aspect is how much social media affects purchasing decisions. Deloitte recently released a study detailing how social media affects consumer […]