Coming Soon! Auto Closed Captioning on Instagram Stories

Instagram is currently testing out a new Closed Captions feature for Stories, which can be a fun, new way to create Stories. This new feature will give you the option to take any voice detected in your story, and then create closed captioning based on the speech detected.


In order to activate the new feature and add it to your stories, you will first need to record your story, then look up the “Closed Captions” option through the Instagram sticker icon. Add the sticker to your recorded story, and then you will see a “Transcribing audio” message appear on your screen. The audio will then be detected and will appear through text on your story. Much like how it looks when a user adds music lyrics to their Instagram stories. Check out the example below from Social Media Consultant, Matt Navarra, as the feature has been made available to him.




It seems there will be a few text fonts to choose from when inserting captions, which include block letters, typewriter like text, and a text style which uses a larger font to emphasize some of the text.

Not all users have access to this tool just yet as Instagram has stated the feature is still in its testing phase. There are some users who are able to access the new feature in their app, but get an error message when they actually try to post. However, it is likely Closed Captions will be released to the public soon.

All this being said, this new feature can be a useful tool for your Stories content. By using closed captioning in your stories, this will allow your content to be accessible to a wider audience and be understood whether a user has their sound on or off. Not to mention, Closed Captions can make your stories more fun and allow more room for creativity with your Stories. Keep an eye out for this new feature!




Source: Hutchinson, Andrew. “Instagram Tests New Auto-Captions Option for Instagram Stories.” SocialMediaToday, 9 March 2021,

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