Copy to Make Your Content Stand Out on Twitter

Need a way to make your Twitter profile more engaged and active?

This week, Twitter has introduced a new feature on its company page that aims to help users determine what copy they should be using in their Tweets. The series is appropriately named, “Good Copy, Bad Copy.”

The clip from Twitter is available here, but we’ll sum up their main points below.


1. Don’t use all caps.

Twitter Business notes it can come across as “yelling” on the platform and might turn people away from your message.


2. Limit your hashtag use.

As opposed to its counterpart, Instagram, too many hashtags on Twitter can look spammy. In fact, many users leave out hashtags altogether. Although, some studies suggest using one or two might boost engagement.


3. Use percentages vs. dollar amounts.

Research shows that more users click on tweets containing percentages than ones that include $ discounts. For example, promoting 50% off as opposed to $10 off any order.

While we didn’t say it as well as Twitter spokesman Joe Wadlington did in the video, here are three simple tips to help get you started on improving your Twitter copy.


Which tip do you think you’ll use the most? Let us know below!

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