Create Messenger Rooms via Instagram

We informed you about Facebook Messenger Rooms, but we are excited to share Facebook has taken it even further as they expanded these Messenger Rooms onto Instagram! The company is doing whatever they can to optimize the use of video chat due to the rising demand as a result of this current pandemic.

Although you are able to create a room through Instagram, you will still be directed to Messenger in order to actually host/utilize the video chat feature. This will be another way to access Facebook Messenger Rooms, but you won’t be able see/drop in on active rooms through Instagram as you are able to do on Facebook.


Instagram users are able to create Messenger Rooms from their Instagram Direct inbox.

Here’s how to do so:

  1. First make sure your Instagram is connected to your Facebook account. Under Settings > Account > Linked Accounts
  2. Go to your Instagram Direct inbox.
  3. Click on the video icon up at the top right of the screen.
  4. Select “Create a Room”, you then will be able to create a room from the Facebook account which is linked to your Instagram profile.
  5. Select which (if any) of your Instagram friends you want to invite.
  6. Your Messenger Room will then be created, and you will receive the link to your room which you can share with others.
  7. Join your room. (you must do this before others can join)
  8. Once you join your room, you will then be prompted to go to Messenger.
  9. Click OK, then wait for others to join!


Expanding Messenger Rooms onto Instagram makes it even easier to use the feature and can be a good way to reach your audience who are not on Facebook! Take advantage and enjoy the new feature. 🙂

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