Dear Multibrain: How Do I Start A Conversation With A New Prospect?

Dear User,

We encourage you to start new conversations with your fans because it’s the start of a new relationship. Once you have grown and built relationships with your followers, they will begin to trust your opinion and advice. They could then potentially become your next customer. But how do you even begin? We’ll show you how you to speak to both new and engaged fans.

You can always start a conversation with a new page follower or someone who likes your post by sending them a simple comment or message.

Example Message: “Hi there Meghan. I just wanted to say hello and thank you for liking my page.” or “Hi there Meghan. Thanks for the post like! Hope you’ll follow along with me.”

Simple as that. Or if they commented on your post, make sure you comment right back. You could even ask a question afterwards to keep the conversation going. A greeting and appreciation message is a great start into a potential conversation and relationship. However, you don’t want to appear too “salesy” or pushy. This is why we would NOT advise speaking to them immediately with a hard sale or opportunity message.

An engaged fan is someone you have already spoken with previously. Maybe you noticed they repeatedly like your posts and comment. Now that you have started to build a relationship with them, you can now more naturally open up the conversation to your
product or your opportunity. Make sure you see how it would fit THEIR lifestyle, so it’s seen as a benefit to them, rather than yourself. Let’s say you work in the beauty industry and your fan has been posting about an upcoming trip, or event, or perhaps summer is quickly approaching.

Example Message: “Meghan! I noticed you’re going to Hawaii soon… need a base tan? without the damage of the sun? Check out my results with Tanning Product ABC.

Now that you know how to talk to your new prospects (you can find them under your Prospect Center), go out there and start creating some conversations!

Best Wishes,

Kristin from the Multibrain Team


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