Do This Before New Year’s Eve for Career-Boosting Success

Forbes recently published an article called, “20 Career-Boosting Steps You Can Take Before New Year’s Eve”. We’ve taken this list and organized them into three key areas of focus so that you can end 2015 strong and jumpstart your career in the year ahead!

(1) Preparation
A clear space equals a clear mind! Start by re-organizing your workspace to get productive! Then, clear out unnecessary emails in your inbox. Next, prepare yourself mentally! Read career-boosting classics like “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and fill up on career-advice articles that will make you feel ready to take on the world! Define your goals and direction by writing down all of your wins and begin crafting your one-year plan.

(2) Presentation
Next, get ready for a professional makeover! Start by looking yourself up on Google! Clean up your social media presence and get rid of any inappropriate or distasteful posts! Your resume is the first impression recruiters have of you. Research ways to perfect it, make edits, and beautify the layout! Next, update the look of your business cards and revamp your personal site. Update your wardrobe so that you look put together and professional. Finally, how you speak is a representation of you. Keep a healthy sleep schedule and learn how to respond to the most common interview questions so that you come off as coherent and sharp!

(3) Communication
Communication is key! Build relationships and strengthen your professional network with the following tips: Send thank you notes to colleagues, managers, or mentors that have helped you along the way. Also, reach out to someone and congratulate them on their career success. You may learn something from them! On Linkedin, start adding personal notes when you send out invitations. You will be surprised by the positive response! Want to increase your network even more? Reach out to 6 people that you would like to connect with. Finally, if you’re still feeling stuck, don’t be afraid to contact an expert who can help get you past your obstacle!

Remember: use the next couple of weeks of 2015 wisely so that you can finish with a clear, focused and organized path to career success!

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