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All the powerful lead generation you need in one easy-to-use marketing dashboard. It’s the simplest way for your sales force to build community on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, all from one platform, in just a few minutes per day. Multibrain’s proven social selling system is designed to facilitate collaboration – and success.

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Custom Branding



Multiverse Analytics



Custom Branding

We customize the dashboard seen by your team members so it matches the colors and branding of your organization. This way they’ll experience seamless integration between everything they do on and off Multibrain’s platform

Multiverse (analytics)

Access in-depth analytics that allow you to not only get an overview, but drill down to the specifics per user, per content piece, and more! Know what’s working and what’s not with our robust Multiverse dashboard.

Social Planner

Give your team access to a full dashboard to schedule their content for the coming month, with thousands of pieces of content at their fingertips, a Canva integration to create their own posts, a ShowMaker to make their own videos, and so much more. Plus, they have access to analytics to see how their content is performing and the ability to respond to their fans right through the dashboard.

Creative Services

Your team can take advantage of the same award-winning creative talent that’s behind the highly engaging content featured in our media center. Although this service is usually billed separately, it’s provided absolutely free of charge to teams of 1,000 members or more.

Social Media

An easy-to-use resource that allows your team to market like pros, as well as full support for all of their questions. We provide hundreds of social media courses to walk them step-by-step from setup to success on social media.


We provide your sales force with a Facebook group community, allowing your team to connect with each other, learn from us Brains, and learn all about social media. We share social media tips and lessons, LIVE weekly shows, and engage in lively conversations so everyone stays up to date and feels like part of the community.

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Individual Memberships give you access to Multibrain’s all-in-one publishing tool and creative community.

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